Friday, May 1, 2015

Memorial Day Is The Official Start of Power Swabs Season

By Martin Giniger, D.M.D., Ms.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.D.

Most Americans view Memorial Day the unofficial kick-off for summer and that also means that barbecue season officially begins. Eighty percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker. And 97 percent of grill owners used their grill most in the summer and on Memorial Day. Yes, Americans love their summer-time cooking, but some of those favorite foods served at a backyard get-together can wreak havoc on your white teeth. Here's a list of summer foods that can stain your teeth and how to avoid it:

You can't have those luscious BBQ meats without the sauce but sauces that are dark, sticky and hot are considered the worst for your teeth. First they are dark which of course stains. Then they are sticky which makes it harder to get the sauce off of your teeth and to top it off, BBQ sauces are hot which is worse for staining because it penetrates more deeply. You can combat the staining of dark sauces by using Power Swabs® Stain-Out Swabs immediately after your cookout is completed. Obviously it would also be great to use a Power Swabs Stain-Out Quick Stick immediately after eating.
Ahhhh sweet, tangy summertime beverages. Nothing quite says summer like a tall fresh-squeezed glass of sweet lemonade or iced tea. Lemonade and iced teas taste great with many summer foods and really hits the spot when you are hot and sweaty. However, lemonade and iced teas have a lot of acid in it that can wear away the enamel on your teeth if left to sit. Your teeth can change color and even shape if the acid is left to cause erosion. Here again, Power Swabs® brushing is your teeth’s best friend. Power Swabs® is neutral pH and will quick protect and restore your enamel.

When it is hot, people reach for popsicles and slushies for icy cold treats. However, note that any food that stains your tongue will also stain you teeth. Eat these in moderation and always use Power Swabs® afterwards.
Planning on having a campfire during a Memorial Day party and cooking up some S'mores? Well, remember that gooey foods that stick to your fingers will also stick to your teeth. S'mores are sticky and contain sugar which provides a double threat to your teeth. Believe it or not, two minutes is all it takes for chocolate to begin working on your teeth. So as you can after eating s’mores, use Power Swabs® to keep those teeth shining white.

Your Memorial Day plans should not include staining or damaging your teeth. To prevent this, remember to always use Power Swabs® after eating dark, sticky food such as BBQ sauce and after sweet and sticky foods. Always pack a Power Swabs Stain-Out Quick Stick when you are planning on eating sweets; especially if you are in a place where you can't brush. Use Power Swabs to keep your teeth beautiful for Memorial Day and all summer long.

One more important thing to remember when honoring our nation this Memorial Day: Power Swabs are proudly 100% made and packed in the USA!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Make Your Mom Smile on Mother’s Day

By Martin Giniger, D.M.D., Ms.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.D.

Mother's Day is all about making Mom smile and people are always looking for the perfect gift idea. You could give her jewelry or a box of chocolates, but there is something even more brilliant!  Instead of giving her candy, which dentists never recommend, or flowers that don’t last, present Mom with the gift of a bright, white smile and show her that you really care.

Power Swabs® is most surely a Mother’s Day gift that is almost fool-proof. It is something your mom won't just keep in the drawer. Her white smile is indeed something she will wear 365 days a year. In a recent study, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported that the most requested cosmetic dental procedure that year was teeth whitening. In fact, when asked, “what would you like to change about your smile?” the number one answer was “whiter teeth.” Another recent study shows that people who have whiter teeth look on average 13 years younger.

The great news is that with Power Swabs®, your mom can see results after just 5 minutes of use, and the results get better each time you use the product. Power Swabs® Teeth Whitening is also the only product that not only can whiten your mom's natural teeth, but will also clean and remove stains from her caps, crowns and veneers. It even works on dentures. There are no uncomfortable strips and no messy trays. All your mom needs to do is swab and rinse! Additionally, Power Swabs® are a safe and gentle choice that will get your mother's teeth whiter without any pain or sensitivity - and it’s very simple to use: all she needs to do is just rub one Stain-Out Swab and Whitening Swab on her teeth daily followed by rinsing, once a day, for 5 minutes a treatment and she will be amazed at how easily and conveniently she can achieve a more youthful, healthier appearance that will be enhanced every time she uses the swabs.

So if you find yourself scrambling every year to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and if you are you tired of hunting through department stores to find a unique gift, skip the sweaters and heart necklaces. This year, give mom something that she will want to wear all year, a whiter smile with Power Swabs®!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Enjoy Chocolate and Love Your Teeth This Valentine’s Day

By Martin Giniger, D.M.D., Ms.D., Ph.D., F.I.C.D.
Valentine’s Day is the time of year when people like to show affection by gifting sugary treats to their loved ones. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of Valentine’s Day candy, you can celebrate the holiday in a healthier way by making dark chocolate your confection of choice. Moreover, white teeth and oral hygiene can make any Valentine's Day kiss even sweeter. 

While Cupid supplies the romance, various top dental experts offer some interesting facts to consider this Valentine’s Day:
            • If you think there’s no way candy could ever be beneficial for your teeth, think again. The Texas A&M Health Science Center has reported that the tannins present in cocoa beans may actually help prevent cavities by interfering with bacteria’s harmful interaction with teeth. However be aware that tannins are present more often in dark chocolates, rather than milk chocolates, giving you another great reason to choose the richer, sweet varieties.

            • You don't need to worry too much about Valentine's chocolates when it comes to your teeth. Unlike hard or gummy candies, chocolate doesn't cling to your teeth and your saliva is able to wash the sugar away. But you still have to consume chocolate in moderation. Constantly eating chocolate will harm your teeth over time.

            • Kissing couples can share up to 500 species of germs, including some that cause gum disease. You should brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and floss once a day to eliminate bacteria that lurk between your teeth.

            • Kissing itself can actually help prevent tooth decay because it stimulates saliva, which helps reduce the incidence of cavities.

            • Teeth whitening may be one way to impress your favorite person and Power Swabs makes it very easy. With Power Swabs, there are no messy strips or trays and because the swabs require you to scrub your teeth you will see real results in just 5 minutes. Power Swabs even works on caps, crowns, veneers and dentures, so no matter what your dental condition is, and no matter how little time each day you have to devote to teeth whitening, Power Swabs will be the ideal choice for you.

Great smiles attract other great smiles. Pucker up, eat dark chocolate and use Power Swabs, and you will surely have the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It’s Not Too Late for New Year’s Resolutions. Start With Whiter Teeth.

by Martin Giniger, DMD, MsD, PhD, FICD

Now that the tree and wrapping paper are in the trash, and everyone is back to work, the water cooler chatter no longer revolves around New Year’s resolutions. But even though the holidays are over, it is quite normal for resolutions for self-improvement to still be on your mind. According to a University of Scranton study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, about 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions but only few follow through on them. However, research also shows that people who begin working on their resolutions in a small way and build up from there are the ones most likely to succeed.

Experts say being realistic and patient are essential. Focus on small victories, like committing to a seven-day regimen of whitening your teeth, and they’ll add up. Now that we’re in mid-January, it’s time for a progress check. These tips can help you make good on your promise to yourself and keep you from becoming another fallen resolutionist:

  1. When you’re looking to change, do something for your smile first. Experts agree that people look at your smile and teeth before anything else and the whiteness of your teeth impact how people perceive you. Whitening your teeth will give you key advantages in the new year such as increased likelihood of being hired in a new job, and it will give people the impression that you are more wealthy, wise and healthy. Power Swabs® is probably the best teeth whitening product to achieve your goal, because it is the only product that shows real results after the very first use, and it works on all natural and artificial tooth surfaces without any sensitivity.
  2. Resolved to shed 35 pounds in two months? Extreme fitness goals are a sure way to intimidate yourself — and give up on your resolution. Go slowly, find a gym where you feel at home, and stick with your health goals. For aspiring fitness junkies, classes can offer the essential motivation that will drive you beyond the January surge.
  3. Digitally cleanse yourself. Science has spoken: reading books offers more cognitive benefits than settling in with a digital device. A study out of Norway’s Stavanger University says that without the tactile experience of the page, Kindle readers are not as adept as book readers at recalling facts from a novel. Comprehension also suffers with e-reading. Studies show that readers online resort to skimming and keyword spotting on the digital page instead of engaging in more focused reading. Then there’s the evidence on how digital distractions — from social media alerts to incoming messages to clickable embedded links — fracture our attention spans. The moral here? Visit ye olde local bookstore. You don’t have to swear off your digital devices. But picking up a book on paper might just be good for your brain. 
  4. Cash is king. Having three months’ worth of living expenses stashed away is the top priority, and also put away some cash retirement savings — an expenditure that amounts to you paying yourself. But if there’s a big purchase, like a car in your future, monitoring every single source from which money is flowing in is the only way you can gauge how plausible it is to spend.

Always go back to the old saying about “impossible" really meaning "I'm possible." Recognize the fear of change for what it is. Perhaps you're even afraid of success. But somewhere, amidst the resolutions and goals for the coming year, you may also find new reasons to hope for, and work toward, a new start in your career. Remember to start with the easy things like whitening your teeth with Power Swabs and you will surely succeed!

Tell us what you think… Are you frustrated with your goals for the coming year? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dental Tips and Tricks For A Healthier Halloween

by Martin Giniger, DMD, MsD, PhD, FICD

The fall season has arrived which means that the holidays are close at hand. Halloween marks the starting point of this annual season of sweets. The next few months will likely include an increase in the consumption of sweets and other treats and, therefore, more dental cavities. Halloween can also present parents with a variety of health and safety challenges, but Halloween can also be used as an opportunity to teach kids good dental health habits. Here are some reminders and helpful hints to ensure you and your kids have a healthy and fun Halloween:
  1. Eat Halloween candy and other sugary foods with meals or shortly after mealtime. Saliva production increases during meals and helps cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and helps rinse away food particles.
  2. Avoid giving trick-or-treaters sticky candies that cling to your teeth. The stickier candies, like taffy and gummy bears, take longer to get washed away by saliva, increasing the risk for tooth decay.
  3. Avoid giving trick-or-treaters candies that are sour. Sour candies are high in acids that erode enamel.
  4. A plain chocolate bar is a better option than sour, sticky or hard candies. Unsweetened chocolate has actually been shown in some studies to protect teeth.
  5. Perform a “safety check.” Take a look when your child returns from trick-or-treating to ensure there are no dangerous items in their collection. Include your child in this process to explain the decisions you make and allow them to learn good habits.
  6. Sort it out. Encourage your child to eat the healthier treats and avoid hard, sour or chewy candies like jawbreakers or caramels. These candies have high acidity and/or stick to the teeth longer, which can cause more damage.
  7. Limit availability. Candy should be enjoyed, but moderation is important. Have your child choose 15 or so of their favorites and remove the rest.
  8. Consider donating extra candy or keep it stored away.
  9. Always brush-up after consuming candy. Set a specific time of day for candy consumption and then have your child follow-up by brushing his or her teeth. This is much healthier than allowing your child’s teeth to be continuously exposed to sugary or acidic treats throughout the day.
  10. Clean between teeth daily with floss. Decay-causing bacteria get between teeth where toothbrush bristles can't reach. Flossing helps remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth and under the gum line.
  11. Though this Halloween is a great opportunity to start employing these practices, don’t stop there! Continue to follow these recommendations throughout the year so your children can develop good dental hygiene habits while still enjoying their treats in moderation.
With all that in mind, don’t forget that Power Swabs® makes the very best oral healthy products that can be enjoyed by all family members. The Power Swabs Power Gloss™ and Power Rinse™ are excellent at removing plaque and cleaning teeth without scratching the enamel. Its advanced formula also contains healthy ingredients that you can feel good about, and they work great.

Remember also that the holiday season is also picture season and a time you want to look your best. The Power Swabs® teeth whitening system whitens teeth after the very first use. You will see 2 shades of improvement after the first 5 minutes and you will get 6 or more shades of whitening after just one week. Best of all, Power Swabs is the only tooth whitening system that can be used on all dental surfaces including caps, crown, veneers, bonding and white fillings without any sensitivity whatsoever.

Happy Halloween.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

White Teeth Impacts More Than Just Your Appearance

By Martin Giniger, DMD, MsD, PhD, FICD

Many people yearn for a perfect white teeth that are free of stains and discolorations. In fact, a recent consumer survey published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that the aspiration for an attractive smile is the #1 motivator for working harder to improve overall oral hygiene. However there are still many people who have excellent oral hygiene practices, but still cannot achieve their goal of stain-free white teeth. Unfortunately yellow teeth impact more than just your appearance your appearance, and therefore this is a significant problem.

Yellow teeth can impact your self-confidence when interacting with others. Low self-confidence can in turn impact your performance either on the job or in your personal life. Whether this insecurity causes you to refrain from smiling in public or limits your social interactions, you know that teeth stains are not just superficial—they impact your life on a deeper psychological level too.

Fortunately, the Power Swabs Teeth Whitening System can help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile within just one week or less. In fact,most people see a noticeable improvement after just one use. Unlike all other teeth whitening products on the market, only Powerswabs uses a combination of both detergents and whiteners to actually physically remove stains from teeth. When rubbed onto teeth, the swabs act as mini “teeth stain erasers", that allow you to target your whitening efforts, and whiten without any sensitivity. Moreover, only Power Swabs work on all dental surfaces, including caps, crowns, white fillings and veneers. 

Power Swabs are also extremely economical when you consider the long-term benefits white teeth can have on your self-esteem and confidence. The Power Swabs regimen is a collection of whitening products with unique roles that work together to deliver whitening results that turn heads. These products include,swabs, stain removers, toothpastes, gum rejuvenators and even the world’s first tooth gloss. I recommend that you give all the products a try and you will have whiter teeth and higher self-esteem at no time at all. Today would be a good time to get started, since all the research shows that people with whiter teeth look healthier, wealthier, more attractive and even more intelligent. Yes, indeed, white teeth impact much more than just your appearance!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

White Teeth Are The Most Important Key To Physical Attraction in Young Professionals

by Dr. Martin Giniger

If you are young and looking for a date, or even a mate, never underestimate the importance of white teeth! It turns out single young professional men and women are looking for the exact same asset when it comes to their prospective dates: Straight, white teeth. The MailOnline, a UK news publication, reports that an exhaustive new survey of nearly 5,500 unattached professional adults ages 21 and older found that white teeth is the number one attribute that attracts them to another person. Nearly 60% of men claim that they care most about good teeth in a potential date and a staggering 71% of women who ranked teeth as most the important attribute a person can have.

The survey also showed that after white teeth came grammar, hair, clothes, tattoos and fingernails for what guys pay attention to on women. For women, the list was similar, except clothes, hair and nails ranked higher than tattoos. The scientists who conducted the study explained the reason why white teeth are so important. They claim that it is because teeth are the human equivalent of a peacock’s tail - a sign of health and genetic quality designed to help choose a mate.

So the bottom line is that if you want the best chance of attracting a great looking mate or date, you’ll need to have white teeth. Certainly the very best way to achieve this goal is use the Power Swabs Teeth Whitening System. Only Power Swabs contains both detergents and a whitener to rapidly lift stains off of teeth. In fact, you will see an average of 2 shades of improved whiteness after the very first use and and 6-7 shades after a full week.

Power Swabs require a commitment of only 5 minutes a day for 1 week. They are simple to use and they work on all dental surfaces. So if you have caps, crowns, veneers, white fillings or bonding, Power Swabs is the system for you. Also Power Swabs causes absolutely no teeth sensitivity or pain, so even if you have tried other teeth whitening systems and given up, Power Swabs is the product for you.

There is only one possible conclusion: If you are a young professional and you are seriously looking for an attractive mate or date, you must have white teeth. And surely Power Swabs is the easiest and fastest way to achieve this goal. Choose to be your best. Get started with Power Swabs today.